Lake Okeechobee: FairGraphic shows overall score for Lake Okeechobee as "fair" at 44%.  Lake stage and wading bird interval are rated "good"; fish, SAV, and wading bird proportion are rated "fair"; EAV and chlorophyll alpha are rated "poor"; water clarity is rated "very poor."

Indicators evaluated in Lake Okeechobee were fish, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), emergent aquatic vegetation (EAV), wading bird proportion (based on preydensity), wading bird interval between exceptional nesting years, chlorophyll a, water clarity, and lake stage. Lake stages were close to desired targets, except for several high-water events during the peak of the summer growing season. These untimely exceedances may explain the difference between lake stage scores and those for flora and fauna. EAV and SAV were poor to fair, likely affecting fish and wading bird indicators; though the wading bird interval indicator scored well. Water clarity scores were very poor and chlorophyll a scores were poor, likely affecting SAV and fish indicators.


Graphic shows select scores. Fish rated "good" in 2013, "fair" in 2014, "good" 2015-2016, and "fair" in 2017. SAV rated "good" in 2013, and "poor" 2014 to 2017. Wading bird proportion rated "poor" in 2013, "fair" 2014 to 2016, and "poor" in 2017. Chlorophyll alpha rated "very good" in 2013, "very poor" 2014 to 2015, "good" in 2016, and "very poor" in 2017. Water clarity rated "fair" in 2013, and "very poor" 2014 to 2017. Lake stage rated "very good" in 2013, "fair" in 2014, "good" 2015 to 2016, and "poor" in 2017.

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legend for the grading system. 0-20% is very poor. 20-40% is Poor. 40-60% is Fiar. 60-80% is good. 80-100% is very good.


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