Brevard County

Brevard County is located on the east coast of Florida at the approximate  midpoint of the peninsula. The authorized project has been divided into three segments: North Reach, South Reach and Mid Reach. The    North Reach consists of restoration of 9.4 miles of shoreline extending from the south jetty at Canaveral Harbor to the northern limit of Patrick Air Force Base (PAFB). The South Reach consists of restoration of 3.4 miles of shoreline and is bounded by PAFB to the north and Spessard Holland Park to the south. This section was originally 10.5 miles long, but 7.8 miles were excluded because of near shore hard grounds. A General Reevaluation Report evaluated the 7.8 miles excluded from the original report, and was approved, which is now referenced as Mid Reach.

North and South Reaches - Construction of project was completed in April 2014. Approximately, 1.66 million cubic yards of beach fill material was placed along 13.6 miles of shoreline. The next nourishment cycle is scheduled for FY2020.

Mid-Reach -  Before the initial nourishment can be completed for Mid Reach, the mitigation feature must be completed. The mitigation for the nearshore hard bottom areas includes construction of an artificial reef out of geomatic material. The mitigation contract was awarded in September 2016. The period of performance is from April 2017 to August 2018 as the contractor may only work in the summer months from May to August.