A-E Contract Section


The A-E Contract Administration Section is responsible for:

  • Assisting in acquisition planning and preparation of Commerce Business Daily announcements for A-E contracts.
  • Participating as a voting member on A-E Pre-selection Boards.
  • Accomplishing actions required by A-E Pre-selection and Selection Boards.
  • Coordinating with Project Managers, Project Engineers and technical specialists to determine type of A-E services required for support studies and design efforts.
  • Developing detailed Scopes of Work and other contract documentation for A-E contracts and delivery orders.
  • Developing detailed Independent Government Estimates (IGE) to establish fair and reasonable prices for A-E services.
  • Producing official Request for Proposals for A-E contract services.
  • Conducting detailed analyses of A-E proposals.
  • Conducting negotiations with A-E firms to reach agreement on prices that are fair and reasonable for required services.
  • Serving as principal liaison between the District and A-E firms.
  • Administering A-E contracts and delivery orders after award.
  • Coordinating review, acceptance and payment for completed A-E work.
  • Preparing and negotiating A-E contract modifications when necessary.
  • Acquiring supplemental A-E services and technical support during construction, when required.
  • Preparing A-E Performance Evaluations.