Planning & Policy Division

Planning & Policy rotating imagesMission Statement

We are the District's Planning, Programs and Policy experts. In partnership with our customers within and outside the Corps, we identify water, land and related resource problems, needs, and opportunities, develop alternatives and recommend implementable solutions that are economically and environmentally sound.


The Planning and Policy Division supervises, directs and is responsible for all planning assignments, in accordance with APP XVIII to ER 10-1-3. Assignments include but are not limited to pre-authorization studies, feasibility studies, economic re-studies and post authorization studies, including Limited Re-evaluation reports, General Re-evaluation reports, Rehabilitation studies, etc. The Continuing Authority Program, and other studies involving formulation. Impact assessment and evaluation of water resources plans. We act as a consultant and advisor to the District Engineer and other staff members on Civil Works Policy, cost sharing matters and Federal interest issues. We are also responsible for environmental analysis and evaluating to include Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA) and other environmental issues including obtaining permits and clearance from other agencies on various environmental laws.

Environmental Branch - Ensures compliance with environmental and cultural resource requirements.
Plan Formulation Branch - Formulates project plans based on costs, benefit, and environmental/cultural resource considerations.
Economics Branch - Evaluates economic and social benefits and costs.
Central Everglades Planning Branch - Conducts the Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP) study.

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