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During: Construction progress on the 54th Street section of the Miami Beach hotspots beach project in February clearly shows the increased width of the newly renourished beach.
A view of the recently completed Portugues Dam as it looks before a dedication ceremony held Feb. 5. The dam, located near Ponce, Puerto Rico, is designed to reduce the impacts of flooding along the Portugues River.
With a mighty heave, Damon Wolfe, geodesist with Jacksonville District, launches the NOVA Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) on a flight over Lake Okeechobee. The Corps used photos from the UAV to track the progress of various plant species at the lake.
Jacksonville District’s survey vessel Florida II recently completed a cultural resource job near Stuart as part of a shore protection project. Brian Brodehl, chief of the district’s Surveying and Mapping Branch estimates the high-tech equipment on the boat meant the crew could use three scanning methods simultaneously, reducing the cost of the job by about 50 percent.
The Kissimmee River Restoration project is a congressionally authorized undertaking sponsored by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District, the non-federal sponsor. The project encompasses the removal of two water control structures, filling approximately 22 miles of canal, and restoring over 40 square miles of the river channel and floodplain ecosystem, including approximately 27,000 acres of wetlands.
Miami Harbor deepening project
Rehabilitation efforts continue on the Herbert Hoover Dike. The Corps continues work on 32 federal water control structures, also known as culverts, scattered around Lake Okeechobee that are seen as posing the greatest threat to the dike.
Project Manager Tim Brown measures and surveys portions of the collapsed Duviver Bridge during the Corps’ visit to Haiti in April.
This recent aerial shows construction progress on the Río de la Plata project. The river flows by the municipality of Dorado, about 15 miles west of San Juan on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. Looking upstream, the photo shows channel excavation and placement of stone revetment (right), while the river flows through a temporary diversion channel to the left. The revetment will slow the velocity of storm water coming from the mountains upstream and prevent erosion of the banks.
In the photo, the old siphon was demolished and the construction crew is using a crane to install the replacement siphon. Once in place, the crew will weld the new pipe together and cover it up. Once completed, the project will help provide flood risk reduction for years to come.
Three culverts were recently installed as part of the 8.5 Square Mile Area component of the Modified Water Deliveries to Everglades National Park Project in Miami, Fla. This project puts infrastructure in place that is needed to send additional water south into Everglades National Park as part of ongoing Everglades restoration efforts.
Dredging for navigation and beach renourishment.
The Army Corps of Engineers mobilized its Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS) to Lakeland to provide support just days after Hurricane Charley moved into the area. The DTOS system provides mobile command/control platforms and communications in support of initial emergency response missions.