Hydraulic Design Section


Hydraulic Design Section is responsible for conducting hydraulic modeling to determine flooding impacts for existing and with-project conditions. This section uses CADD as a tool to determine the layout of project features, develop hydraulic models, and prepare report figures and plates.


  • Build and maintain a level of expertise which produces innovative cost effective products which are of the highest quality.
  • Provide a work environment which promotes and encourages job satisfaction and pride in a job well done.
  • Provide design of flood control features as if your family home was immediately adjacent to the project.


  • Each team member will know and understand standard Corps of Engineers regulations and have a working knowledge of criteria as present in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Manuals.
  • Each team member will be capable of applying the latest state of the art engineering design and analyses techniques.
  • Each team member will apply the latest state of the art computer based numerical analyses analyses and design programs to expedite completion of project features.
  • Insure that all team members have the benefit of design and analyses experience and lessons learned from past projects.
  • Insure that all reports provided are of the highest quality, completed within established schedules and monetary resources.  


  • Provide assistance to Planning Division in formulation and preliminary determination of alternative plans for further study.
  • Provide hydraulic designs of spillways, culverts, and other water control features.
  • Coordinate hydraulic engineering analyses and design data with other disciplines in Engineering Division.
  • Compile hydraulic designs for Reconnaissance Reports, Feasibility Reports and Design Memorandums.
  • Coordinate engineering analyses and design data developed in Engineering Division with other division in the Jacksonville District.
  • Provide review of plans and specifications to insure compliance with detailed hydraulic designs.