Quality Management Branch

The Quality Management Branch provides corporate leadership and support to the technical production offices within Engineering Division – Design Branch, Geotechnical Branch, and Water Resources Branch – in the areas of product quality assurance, financial management, and administrative/workforce management.  The Chief, Quality Management Branch also assumes the duties of Deputy Chief, Engineering Division.  In addition, operational administration for the Value Engineering, CADD system management, and GIS programs within the Jacksonville District are the under the responsible charge of the Quality Management Branch.

Quality Control Section

The mission of the Quality Control Section is to ensure quality engineering products – design reports and implementation documents – are produced by the technical offices and staff within Engineering Division.  Products and activities are checked for compliance against USACE and industry standards.  Responsibility for managing the Engineering Division Agency Technical Review (ATR) and Independent External Peer Review (IEPR) programs reside within the Quality Control Section.  Tracking the execution of the Engineering Division workload is a primary function of this section.  The staff of analysts and engineers monitors project schedule milestones and financial expenditures to ensure district and customer expectations are met.

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