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Collier County Coastal Storm Risk Management Study


The Collier County Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Feasibility Study area is located on the lower west coast of Florida, about 120 miles south of the entrance to Tampa Bay and about 100 miles north of Key West.  Naples is the largest city located along the shoreline in the county.  There is also a dense population of people that require more time and assistance for evacuation, concerns for critical structures, and evacuation route protection.

Supplemental funding will allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete a planning feasibility study within three years. The Federal cost for this study is $3 million.

With a significant portion of the population and economic activity in coastal areas, the Corps is helping local communities identify issues and find solutions to address increasing risk.

Study kicks off with public scoping to help identify issues (Archive)

The Corps of Engineers formally initiated a scoping process Nov. 20, 2018 for the Collier County Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Feasibility Study.  The Corps is the lead federal agency for this study and Collier County is the nonfederal sponsor.  The study authority is Public Law 84-71 dated June 15, 1955, which authorizes an examination and survey of the coastal and tidal areas of the eastern and southern United States, with particular reference to areas where severe damages have occurred from hurricane winds and tides.  The purpose of the project is to reduce potential damages caused by coastal storms and improve human safety and coastal resiliency in Collier County. 

Potential measures being considered include but are not limited to: structural alternatives and non-structural alternatives such as increase dune height, increase dune width, increase berm height, increase berm width, seawall behind beach, pump stations, breakwaters rip rap / revetments, ring levee, elevate structures, hurricane evacuation, retreat based on elevation, revised building code for minimal elevations, buyouts, comprehensive evacuation plan, revised hurricane response plan, and revised emergency preparedness plan; and, natural and nature-based features such as mangrove plantings, reefs, vegetative dune plantings, and living shorelines.

The scoping period commences the public process for the generation of a NEPA document to assess the effects of the alternatives associated with the Collier County CSRM Feasibility Study.  The NEPA document that will be prepared will be an Environmental Assessment for this study.  Scoping will aid in determining the range of the analysis and any potentially significant issues.  This process also helps identify alternatives and information needed to evaluate alternatives. 

The Corps of Engineers welcomes the public’s views, questions, comments, concerns and suggestions.  The Corps believes that this study will benefit significantly from the public’s involvement.  A public NEPA Scoping Meeting is set for Dec. 6, 2018, from 6-8 p.m. at the Collier County Administrative Building, 3299 Tamiami Trail, East Building F, 5th Floor Conference Room, Naples, Florida.  The Corps team will host an open-house that will include informational poster boards. The public can attend any time during the meeting hours. The public is asked to provide written scoping comments for the Collier County CSRM Feasibility Study no later than Jan. 10, 2019.  Please address written comments or inquiries regarding the study to Richard Harr at or contact by phone at 757-201-7746.


Public meeting set for Sept. 9, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the non-Federal Sponsor, Collier County, Florida, invite the public to attend an informational public meeting on the Collier County Coastal Storm Risk Management Feasibility Study.  The Corps and county will host the meeting Sept. 9, from 5-7 p.m., at the Collier County Administrative Building, 3299 Tamiami Trail East, Bldg. F, 3rd Floor, Naples, FL 34112.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide the public an opportunity to learn more about the project alternatives and to make comments on the alternatives or the feasibility study. The USACE plans to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement to evaluate environmental impacts from reasonable project alternatives and to determine the potential for significant impacts.

The public is invited to submit comments at the meeting and/or submit comments by Oct. 12, 2019 to David Schulte via email/mail/telephone at; by mail to ATTN: David Schulte, Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, Fort Norfolk, 803 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510; or by phone to 757-201-7746.  

Collier County Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Fact Sheet

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