Environmental Branch

The Environmental Branch provides the overall leadership for all environmental and ecosystems initiatives, management and policy. The Environmental Branch acting as the District's environmental conscience, is responsible for protecting, restoring and managing natural resources within the District. The Environmental Branch provides direct leadership, oversight, and coordination for all environmental planning, agency coordination, monitoring, NEPA compliance, and resource allocation for the District environmental projects, studies, reports and acts as the Districts' consultant on environmental issues. The Environmental Branch develops and implements environmental policy for the District. The branch staff represents the Districts' environmental ethic through the active involvement with professional associations and the community.

The Corps publishes public notices, notices of intent, availability of environmental documents, environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for public review and comment.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE documents include permits, permit drawings, Environmental Compliance Matrix and related documents.

ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTS include Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, public notices, mitigation plans, and related documents.

Contact Information

904 232-1867