Q. How do I gain assistance under the Corps Authorities?

A The Corps of Engineers is a Federal agency. Therefore, all assistance is public. Request for Corps' assistance is made from the Governor's office or his designated agency i.e., State of Florida Emergency Management, Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA), Puerto Rico State Emergency Management Agency (PRSEMA). The Americans Indians are sovereign nations of their own. Local sponsors of eligible Federal and non-Federal projects IAW PL 84-99 and PL 93-288 as amended, and IAW ER 500-1-1, and also we can accept missions from other Federal agencies. However, before support can be given, all local resources must be exhausted.

Q Where can I find help during a disaster?

A Help can be found through your local emergency management or civil defense agency.

Q Why doesn't the Corps provide individual assistance to local residents during an emergency?

A Under most emergency conditions, the Corps is generally tasked by FEMA to support response/recovery operations due to a natural disaster. Therefore, it is not a common practice to participate directly with individual assistance to the public. Common mission assignments are Emergency Power, Temporary Housing, Debris Removal, Technical Assistance, Humanitarian Support, Public Infrastructure and Urban Search and Rescue. Also, there's Levee Rehabilitation. However, this often falls under our PL 84-99 authority.

Q Who is Jacksonville District - Emergency Management Branch?

A The Jacksonville District Emergency Management Branch is a branch under Construction-Operations Division. Our primary duty is emergency preparedness and coordinating response for Natural Disasters and/or National Emergencies.

Q What is our goal?

A Our goal is to maintain high performance. We strive to keep the District and Higher Headquarters aware of our ability to respond rapidly and with the appropriate measures during a disaster. We also strive to keep the public aware of our capabilities when called upon for a response/recovery operation.

Q When is Emergency Management Branch Activated For A Disaster?

A The Jacksonville District Engineer (DE) has the responsibility to activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when there is a potential threat or emergency situation. Once activated, the DE is kept informed of any emergency situation by Emergency Management Branch.

Q How can I attain an Emergency Contract with the Corps of Engineers?

A The Jacksonville District Contracting Division is responsible for solicitation and award of contracts within our District. The first step in attaining an emergency contract is to get your company name and service placed within our Contracting Division's database.

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