Camp Blanding

The former Camp Blanding Military Reservation was located in Clay County, southwest of Jacksonville, FL. The Army began constructing the military reservation in 1939 as a division-sized training camp and reception area, but it grew in size and significance during World War II (WWII). The Army constructed a complete infantry training facility with more than 800 buildings including a large hospital and prisoner-of-war camp along with other improvements such as roads, electrical systems, and water and sewer systems.

The site encompassed more than 160,000 acres, the equivalent of the fourth largest city in Florida, during that time period. Troops were trained in infantry tactics, offensive and defensive combat and battlefield situations. Following the end of WWII, the Army no longer needed the large training area, and the land was deeded to various public and private entities. The Florida National Guard utilizes about 73,000 acres of the original reservation for the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center. The Camp Blanding Wildlife Management Area is within the Formerly Used Defense Site.

All of the areas that were used for munitions training during WWII are within the Joint Training Center. The land outside of the current Joint Training Center was used as maneuver areas. The purpose of the maneuver area was to allow for large-scale troop movement. There is no evidence that live munitions were used in the maneuver area. 

RECOGNIZE - The object you found could be dangerous.
RETREAT - Leave the area without touching or moving the object.
REPORT - Call 911 immediately.