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Formerly Used Defense Sites

Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) are properties used by the military prior to October 1986 to train and support Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines, as well as to test new weapons and warfare capabilities. When no longer needed, many of these properties were cleaned up according to best practices available at the time and then transferred to other owners such as private individuals or federal, state, tribal, or local government entities.

Congress created the FUDS program in the mid-1980's. The Army oversees the program for DoD using the Corps of Engineers to identify eligible properties, investigate their condition and manage required cleanup. The Corps responds to DoD-generated contamination and munitions that remained on the property when it was transferred. The Corps is committed to addressing this contamination in as safe, timely, and responsive manner as possible.

The more than 9,900 potential FUDS properties can range from less than an acre to tens of thousands of acres, and can be found in industrial or residential areas as well as federal or state properties.

The type of cleanup required varies from property to property. Most projects take several years to complete, and each is unique.

The Corps works hard to keep all interested parties informed and offers opportunities for dialogue throughout all cleanup phases.

3 Rs of Explosives Safety

Even if they are old, munitions can be dangerous. If you encounter an object that is unfamiliar to you, protect yourself and your family by learning the simple 3Rs of explosives safety:

3 rs

  Recognize when you may have encountered a munition, and that munitions are dangerous.

  Retreat, without touching, moving or disturbing the object, noting its location.

  Report the object to local law enforcement by calling 911.  



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