Emergency Information

This page will be updated during an emergency situation. Check back for important information.

"Calling Tree" Accountability Process


District employees are to follow normal procedures of using the calling tree to establish contact. The calling tree means calling your immediate supervisor or someone else in the supervisory chain if the immediate supervisor is not able to be reached. Once contact is made by the employees, the Command Huddle members will then contact the EOC to confirm accountability. EOC will then contact the Deputy and/or District Commander of the accountability status at a pre-determined designated time.


As a last resort, if you can't reach your immediate supervisor or their supervisors up to the Division level, the employee should contact HI USACE by dialing 1-877-448-7223 or by email at 877-HI-USACE@usace.army.mil. If contact is made by utilizing the HI-USACE method, the employee must continue to make every effort to contact their supervisory chain of command. Failure to make contact within 24 hours post landfall may result in a Leave-Without-Pay status.


Emergency Management now has a "close to real time" website that will be updated periodically throughout the year with pertinent information such as severe weather threats in the area and accountability expectations. This website is located here. This site will also be utilized to provide Jacksonville District information regarding leave status during and after the events. Another source of information regarding leave status during and after the event will be our EOC Hotline at 1-800-515-7913. This number should only be utilized when a real event is threatening one of the District's offices and your supervisor has informed you that the number is active.