Construction Quality Assurance Branch

The QA Branch is responsible for staff actions related to:

  • Maintain liaison with Area, Resident and Project Office, District elements and higher echelon regarding all technical matters requiring guidance, assistance or direction on the implementation of quality assurance policies, procedures and interpretation of drawings and specifications on construction projects within the Jacksonville District.
  • Perform BCOE reviews and BCOE certifications of upcoming projects.
  • Perform QA inspections of construction field offices and projects for Jacksonville District.
  • Developing policies from construction bulletins and lessons learned for implementation of requirements governing field inspection.
  • Participate on Value Engineering proposal reviews.
  • Implement a Corps QA Representative training program and the Construction Quality management training and certification of contractors.
  • Participate on the draft preparation for contract specifications and issuing technical advice.
  • Maintain liaison with ERDC laboratories.
  • Maintain the QA materials testing laboratory IDIQ contracts.
  • Coordinate additional QA personnel to supplement field office personnel when need arises with fluctuating workloads. Personnel will be provided form within the District, other Districts, GSA and/or Contract Services.
  • Assist SAD with Design, Construction, Evaluation (DCE) field inspections.
  • Maintain Construction Division files, and plans and specifications for all active projects.
  • Perform COR, QA inspection and project oversight of EPA/USACE agreement for cleanup of HTRW sites.
  • Administer the SAJ RMS database. Provide assistance to Area, Resident and other district elements with implementation of RMS.
  • Administer the District Quality Management Program.
  • Implement the District Safety Pays Program.
  • Administer the SAJ Underwater Dive Program.

Contact Information

701 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL  32207