Jacksonville District supports installations in their Area of Operation by providing solutions in support of those installations by expanding the technical expertise and effectively applying our capabilities, contract capacities and other tools required to operate and maintain and sustain, restore and modernize America's military infrastructure and real property assets. We provide a capability to support public works activities at all levels of the Army and Department of Defense agencies. Services include:

  • Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM); Facilities Reduction Program; and the Corps of Engineers Installation Support programs.
  • Validation of facility requirements for Combat Readiness training and implementation.
  • Supports integration of initiatives that provide essential services, infrastructure and operational support to improve the livelihood of Soldiers, their families and civilians.
  • Provides technical support for Real Property Master Planning.
  • Evaluating the public works infrastructure, performing threats/hazards analysis, completing vulnerabilities and risk assessments; developing remediation options to achieve acceptable risk levels for Department of Defense (DoD) missions.
  • Provides services to perform management/industrial engineering analyses, studies and recommendations, and other services incidental to this work in the areas of engineering and construction management, real property management and housing management; specialized engineering and construction efforts; environmental management and remediation; and other related topics and issues.