St. Lucie County

Flagler County ShorelineSt. Lucie County requested federal assistance with shore erosion and Congress directed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a coastal storm risk management study. Specific problems in the study area include storm damages due to erosion, inundation, and waves threatening infrastructure, natural habitat and recreational opportunities. Shoreline erosion currently threatens oceanfront infrastructure, including both public and private structures.

The ocean shoreline of St. Lucie County study area is approximately 7.4 miles long and broken out into 4 coastal reaches. This feasibility study will define federal interest and determine if a National Economic Development Plan can be formulated. The objective of the study is to determine the feasibility of stabilizing the beach within the county that is threatened by severe erosion, reduce damages to upland development and to increase the safety of both structures and citizens. Early indications are that the most southern reach, which is 3.4 miles long, has the greatest likelihood of supporting a federal project. 

A study team led by the Corps of Engineers and consisting of federal, state and local agency officials assessed the feasibility of providing federal hurricane and storm damage reduction measures to portions of St. Lucie County’s shoreline. The study focused on the erosion problems and potential storm vulnerability of structures on the shoreline.

Project Documents

St. Lucie County Coastal Storm Risk Management Project (CSRM)

Draft Integrated Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment (April 2016)
         B-Cost Engineering
         E-Real Estate Plan
         F-Public Access and Cost Sharing
         H-Pertinent Correspondence
         I-Value Engineering

        Reference Maps

Project Milestones

Milestone Date
Release of the Draft Feasibility Report 5/3/2016
District Submittal of the Final Feasibility Report 12/6/2016
MSC Transmittal of the Final Feasibility Report 2/7/2017
Civil Works Review Board 4/18/2017
Signed Chief’s Report 7/25/2017