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A pre-construction meeting was held for a new U.S. Army Reserve Training Building in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The $17.3 million dollar project will provide a 150-member training facility with administrative, assembly, and physical fitness areas among others. Construction is expected to be completed in December of 2020.
Temporary measures to stabilize the spillway continue. These measures are intended to lower risk and protect the communities living downstream of Guajataca Dam.
Representatives from Antilles and Jacksonville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Mayors of Aguada and Aguadilla, the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Puerto Rico's Planning Board as well as the Governor's office met to discuss a future project to reduce flood damages caused by the Culebrinas River in the southwest portion of Aguadilla and the community of Espinar in Aguada. June 21, 2019
Wilberto Cubero, project manager with the Jacksonville District, Jacksonville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers briefs Puerto Rico’s Rep. Jenniffer González-Colón and Culebra, Puerto Rico Mayor William Iván Solís regarding the Defense Environmental Restoration program for the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS).
Temporary sheet walls can be seen along the right and left side of Rio Piedras, where drill shafts are being installed in order to build permanent retention walls between the confluence structure of the Margarita Channel and the Rio Piedras and the abutment wall of the De Diego Bridge in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 2D Walls contract is part of the Rio Puerto Nuevo flood control project, once completed the project is intended to provide flood protection for near 7,500 residents and 700 commercial and public structures valued at over $3 billion.

The Antilles Office is part of the Jacksonville District, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We provide on-site coordination, support and supervision in executing the Corps' activities throughout the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Our key missions include regulatory, engineering, construction, real estate, planning, project management and emergency management.

Our workforce is composed of engineers, construction inspectors, planners and economists, biologists and environmental scientists, real estate, attorneys, geologists and administrative personnel.

As of March 2019, the Antilles Office has more than 30 employees working on the island. The Antilles employees draw expertise from and work in close coordination with District counterparts in planning and execution of all of the programs and projects that serve the people of the Caribbean.

Our Projects

  • Guajataca Dam  Spillway and Channel Reinforcement
  • Upper Margarita Channel Flood Prevention Project
  • Rio Puerto Nuevo flood control
  • Rio de La Plata flood control
  • Rio Grande de Manatí, east levee repairs
  • Yauco temporary levee
  • Rio Puerto Nuevo
  • Rio Grande de Arecibo
  • Loiza Shoreline protection

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