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Antilles Office

Antilles rotating images  The Antilles Office is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Antilles Office is part of the Jacksonville District, whose key missions are:

  • Environmental restoration
  • Flood risk reduction
  • Navigation
  • Regulatory permits
  • Hurricane and storm damage reduction
  • Emergency response and recovery

The Antilles Office work force is composed of: engineers, construction inspectors, planners and economists, biologists and environmental scientists, real estate, attorneys, geologists and administrative personnel.

The Antilles Office organization includes: the Deputy District Engineer for the Antilles, Real Estate, Regulatory, Planning and Administration and Legal sections. The Antilles Construction Area Office includes the North Puerto Rico Resident Office, Support for Others, and a Contract Administration section.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Antilles Office administers construction projects throughout the island of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Our customers are: our employees, the residents of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island Ports Authorities, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island Department of Public Works, U.S. Army Reserve, NAF Activities, Ft. Buchanan, municipalities, HUD, EPA, and USAID, among others.

Our current and near future projects include:

  • Rio Puerto Nuevo Flood Control Project
  • Portugués-Bucaná Rivers Flood Control Project (Portugués Dam)
  • Rio Grande de Arecibo
  • Río Ojo de Agua

As of March 2017, the Antilles Office has 25 employees working on the island. The Antilles employees draw expertise from and work in close coordination with District counterparts in planning and execution of all of the programs and projects that serve the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Antilles Office main functions are civil works tasks associated with Corps projects and programs on the islands, principally in the areas of flood risk reduction, navigation, military munitions response and other Corps areas of expertise. It also provides real estate services to all of the military branches, executes the Department of the Army Permit Program and provides support to other federal, state and local entities, as requested and based on interagency agreements.

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Deputy District Engineer for the Antilles

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Antilles Construction Area Office

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