Naval Air Station Lee Field

Picayune Strand Pump Station

The former Naval Air Station Lee Field, now Reynolds Industrial Park, comprised about 1,560 acres on the west side of the St. Johns River in Clay County Florida. 

The Navy began acquiring the property in 1940 and used it until the early 1960s.  During World War II, the Navy and Marines used it to train pilots.  Following the war, the Navy used it to deactivate ships. 

The deactivation process involved maintaining and preserving the ships to prevent deterioration during inactive periods. This provided a large reserve fleet of ships that could be easily reactivated on short notice. Eleven piers were constructed to provide permanent berthing facilities for the reserve fleet. 

The military also constructed runways, hangers, utility systems, fuel storage tanks, office buildings, barracks, mess halls and family housing.

When the  Navy no longer needed the Lee Field property and facilities, it was declared excess in 1963 and deeded to the City of Green Cove  Springs who sold it in 1965 to Mr. J. Louis Reynolds.

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