Volunteer Program

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the recreation and environmental stewardship programs at Lake Okeechobee. Each year, approximately 350 volunteers provide more than 16,500 hours of service. Volunteers work as visitor center hosts, day use park hosts, photographers and Water Safety Trainers in the local school systems who teach the Corps water safety message to more than 20,000 students per year.

Take Pride in Lake Okeechobee events attract hundreds of volunteers throughout the year to the parks for a day of fun and rewarding work. Activities include construction of nesting structures, trail maintenance, planting of native trees and other vegetation, cleaning up litter, and participation in educational programs. Volunteers at these events gain a sense of pride, stewardship ,and ownership of public lands.

Volunteer at your parks! The Corps, which is the steward of almost 12 million acres of land and water, offers many volunteer opportunities in recreation and natural resources management.

Visit the Corps of Engineers Volunteer Clearinghouse Web Site to find a volunteer opportunity near you, or call 1-800-VOL-TEER (1-800-865-8337). To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Lake Okeechobee, call 863-983-8101.

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