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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District is eager to do business with qualified small, small disadvantaged, Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned and woman-owned business concerns. To view current USACE Jacksonville District postings, visit the Federal Business Opportunities site.


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All federal agencies are required to publicize bidding opportunities on FedBizOpps when the purchase is expected to exceed $25,000, so anyone with Internet access can find out about these opportunities. You can register your firm with FedBizOpps. This allows you to set up filters to view and receive the information that is of interest to you. There is a tutorial on the homepage to help you navigate through FedBizOpps.

The Jacksonville District of the Army Corps of Engineers publishes a fiscal year forecast.  To obtain a listing of upcoming projects click here. We update this forecast twice a year, once in the spring and early fall.

This is a snapshot of forecasted requirements for the current year. These requirements may or may not be executed and are contingent upon funding, real estate, etc. Dates provided are approximates only. You must still monitor FedBizOpps to see if and when these requirements are announced.
Do your homework! Before we consider setting an appointment for a small business, we ask that you go to the Jacksonville district’s Web site and familiarize yourself with what we do in our district. You need to be able to communicate how your firm can be a solution provider for our district, and why we should consider you over other similar firms. Depending on the situation and schedules, we may recommend a project manager attend the meeting.

The Jacksonville District of the US Army Corps of Engineers does not require you to register your company with us. Instead, we recommend you register your firm in System for Award Management (SAM). If you plan to bid on Federal work this registration is REQUIRED in order to receive a DoD Prime contract. It is also a useful marketing tool that gives your company visibility. Large Businesses, Federal and other Agencies search for small business capabilities on CCR as well as Dynamic Small Business Search, which can be accessed from the homepage.

If you have never done work with the federal government, we strongly recommend you contact your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). The PTAC’s role is to work with businesses to help them obtain and perform federal, state and local government contracts by educating the companies on the processes necessary for securing these contracts. They also help by connecting businesses with government agencies seeking competitively priced products and services. For a list of PTAC service centers in Florida, visit www.FPTAC.org. To find a local PTAC in another state, visit www.aptac-us.org.

IT products and services are provided to all Corps of Engineers District, Division, Centers and HQ offices by Lockheed-Martin IT Services under contract to the US Army Corps of Engineers IT Services (ACEITS) Field Operating Activity (FOA). For more details about ACEITS click here.


Architect-Engineer services include architect, engineering, design, coastal engineering, surveying, and core drilling requirements. Engineer Pamphlet (EP) 715-1-4 How to Obtain Consideration for Architect-Engineer Contracts with the U.S. Army corps of Engineers, dated 30 September 2004, can be found on the US Army Corps’ Web site.

The Pamphlet describes the Corps’ A-E acquisition procedures, including how primary and secondary selection criteria are applied by preselection and selection boards, debriefings of unsuccessful firms, and performance evaluations. Please note: all A-E work is satisfied under existing IDIQ contracts. To obtain a listing of active A-E contracts awarded by the Jacksonville District click here.


The Jacksonville District is one of the largest civil works district in the nation and maintains an extremely complex system of flood control works. Our district specializes in Civil Works projects such as Navigation, Flood Control, and Environmental Protection.

The USACE Jacksonville District also specializes in, planning, engineering, construction and management of large infrastructure projects in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Jacksonville District (Federal) along with the South Florida Water Management district (State), are partners in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), one of the most aggressive environmental restoration programs in the world. To learn more about the projects under CERP please visit Jacksonville district's web site.

The following are just a sample of what we build and the types of services we buy:

§  Shore Protection

§  Beach Renourishment

§  Environmental Restoration

§  Levees & Waterways

§  Channels & Canal

§  s Water Control Structures

§  Pump Stations

§  Dams

§  Aquatic Plant Control

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