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 19 Apr 2012 - Ecological Effects of Extreme Hydrological Events on the Greater Everglades: An Independent Scientific Review
Roseate Spoonbill

RECOVER Leadership Group (RLG)

The RECOVER Leadership Group is responsible for coordinating and integrating the activities of the RECOVER technical teams and ensuring that the overall focus and direction of the implementation process remains consistent with the goals of system-wide restoration. Specifically, the leadership group will:

  • Set overall priorities for RECOVER.
  • Make recommendations pertaining to the RECOVER budget.
  • Coordinate the application of available resources and personnel among the teams to best focus on priority tasks.
  • Review and revise the tasks and teams where needed to ensure that RECOVER meets its objectives.
  • Issue the annual report card.
  • Ensure appropriate public and agency review of RECOVER documents.
  • Refine the overall vision of success for the Comprehensive Plan.

The RLG consists of the RECOVER program managers — one each from USACE and SFWMD — plus one member from each of the following agencies/groups:


Additional Information

  1. System Status Reports
  2. Adaptive Management
  3. Assistance to Projects
  4. Conceptual Ecological Models
  5. Interim Goals & Targets
  6. RECOVER Team
  7. Monitoring & Assessment Plan (page under construction)
  8. Performance Measures
    • Greater Everglades PM Docs
    • Lake Okeechobee Watershed PM Docs (page under construction)
    • Northern Estuaries PM Docs (page under construction)
    • Southern Coastal Systems PM Docs (page under construction)
    • System-wide PM Docs (page under construction)
    • Total System PM Docs (page under construction)
    • Water Supply and Flood Protection PM Docs (page under construction)
  9. Recover Reviews (page under construction)
  10. System-wide Modeling (page under construction)