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Pinecastle Jeep Range


Pinecastle Jeep Range was a 12,483-acre site near Orlando International Airport.  Between 1943 and 1946, the government leased the land for training and military demonstrations of weapons and warfare capabilities.  In the late 1940s, when the military no longer needed the property, it was returned to the original property owners.

During a Site Inspection, completed in 2007, munitions were found on undeveloped land, known as the Mockingbird property.  This discovery led the Corps to initiate a Time Critical Removal Action in August of 2007 for Odyssey Middle School, Tivoli Gardens, part of Warwick and a portion of Mockingbird closest to the school and residential areas.

The Corps completed a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study of the entire Pinecastle Jeep Range property in 2010.  During the investigation, crews searched for munitions and collected soil and water samples. They dug over 51,000 metallic objects and collected almost 200 soil and water samples to test for the metals and explosives that comprise munitions (known as munitions constituents). While over 800 of the metallic items recovered were munitions debris (metallic objects related to munitions such as casings and fragments), only 24 were actual munitions. The remaining objects were metallic debris, such as nails, fencing and the like. The munitions and munitions debris were found primarily on undeveloped land, and none was found in residential lots.  No munitions constituents were detected in any residential areas, and no munitions or munitions debris were found north of Lee Vista Boulevard.

The Corps divided the site into four Munitions Response Sites based on what was found during the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study.  The Munitions Response Sites are:  Demonstration Range North, Demonstration Range South, Demonstration Range East and Remaining Area.  The demonstration ranges are south of Lee Vista Boulevard, north of Beachline Expressway, and from the western boundary of the property east to the Orange County landfill.  Demonstration Range South is a portion of the then-undeveloped property known as Mockingbird.  Demonstration Range East includes Beltway Commerce Center and a portion of the landfill property.  Demonstration Range North is south of Lee Vista Boulevard and includes Odyssey Middle School, Tivoli Gardens and Lee Vista Square.  All the residential neighborhoods except those in Demonstration Range North are in the Remaining Area.  Since no munitions were found in the Remaining Area, no further action is required.

The Corps completed Remedial Action in 2013 within Demonstration Range North, including Odyssey Middle School and adjacent areas as well as some areas not investigated previously. All the parcels in Tivoli Gardens have been investigated, as have most of the ones in Lee Vista Square.