Military Missions

Military Missions rotating imagesThe Jacksonville District is a multi-disciplined staff of planners and designers made up of engineers, architects, geologists, biologists, economists and technical personnel to provide the Department of Defense customers with total service and support. The District can provide customers with "One-Stop" service and support. The District has the flexibility to perform small projects totaling a few hundred dollars or multi-billion dollar projects. Each military project is assigned and executed by a multi-disciplined team throughout the life of the project. Each team is headed by a dedicated project manager, who serves as a single point of contact between the District's technical team and the military customers. The District's Team understands the client's needs and goals. This enables the District to provide the highest level of service. The District's goals are to provide the highest quality of service in an environment of decreasing resources and increasing demands. The Teams' motto is "We must meet our customer's budgetary guidelines."