Specifications Section

Mission Statement

Professional responsibility for preparing, coordinating, reviewing and assembling engineering plans and specifications for new construction and maintenance work for the District.

Master Guide Specifications

Jacksonville District Master Guide Specifications are now in CSI MasterFormat™ 2018. Construction specification packages for the U.S. Army Engineer District, Jacksonville, (CESAJ) are prepared using SpecsIntact (SI). SI is an automated system for preparing standardized construction specifications. SI was created for NASA, NAVFAC, and USACE and draws from a master collection of files to create a project/job.

Jacksonville District's Master Guide Specifications shall be used instead of those sections provided in the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). The CESAJ Master Guide Specifications are tailored for projects constructed within the Jacksonville District. When a project is created in SI, the system automatically adds Sections 01 33 00 and 01 42 00 to the job. UFGS Section 01 33 00 shall be deleted and CESAJ's 01 33 00 added. Section 01 42 00 is no longer required and should be deleted.

NOTE: Please be advised that the CESAJ masters are updated frequently. It is recommended that you read all notes for the instructions. You must have the most recent version of SPECSINTACT software downloaded for the system to operate correctly.

Electronic copies of the latest UFGS may be downloaded from the Whole Building Design Guide website as follows:

Go to www.wbdg.org, click the "DOD Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)" link, go to the appropriate specification section, click the PDF link and download or print for mark-ups (in-house). A/E contractors may click the appropriate ZIP link to download the SpecsIntact file(s).

Latest updates of the SpecsIntact program may be obtained at http://si.ksc.nasa.gov/Software/Software.shtml. This site has links to the latest Master Specifications produced by UFGS. When downloading UFGS SI (sec) files with decimal section numbers into a project file, rename the section numbers by deleting all numbers to the right of the decimal point (the point will automatically disappear). Numbers to the right of the decimal are for master reference only.

Submittal of Project Specifications and Drawings for Electronic Bid Set (EBS) by A/E contractors:

Once a project is complete, it should be submitted to the Specifications Section through the Engineering Technical Lead (ETL). The project directory, under "\SISGML\JOBS\" should be copied and identified on approved media. The project drawings shall be submitted in two formats: *.DGN and *.PDF.

All projects will be edited from the latest UFGS and CESAJ Masters. Do not insert a specification section from an old project into a new project. If a specification section is needed and not provided in the UFGS, the section may be typed in SGML-SI format and identified per CSI format.

CESAJ Division 01 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS master specifications are not posted to this site due to frequent changes.  A/E contractor shall obtain the latest masters from the ETL.


Construction Forms & Details

Links for forms and details appear under the sections where they may be referenced. Click on section number to copy all forms and details, (where multiple files exist), for that section (.zip file).

Note: To save a file to your hard drive, right-click on the desired link and choose "Save As"

01 30 00 Administrative Procedures

USACE  Aviation Policies and Standards 95-1-1

01 50 02-Temporary Construction Facilities

SSM-S16 Construction Project Signs

Dredge, Safety and Sponsor Signs

Danger Signs ( Use Applicable Languages)

01 57 20-Environmental Protection

Tree Protection Plan

Beach Lighting Schematic

Daily Bird Monitoring Report

Certification Letter Acknowledging All Permits Are On File

Turtle Deflector Details

Manatee Caution Signs, Florida

Manatee Report Log

Project Environmental Summary Sheet

Manatee Cautions Signs, Puerto Rico

Sea Turtle/Post-Hopper Dredging Project Checklist

Endangered Species Observer Program Forms

Marine Turtle Nesting Summary Report

Closed Net Relocation Trawling

Sea Turtle Tagging and Relocation Report

Sea Turtle Trawling Report

Sample Piping Plover Education Sign

01 57 25-Turbidity And Disposal Monitoring

Turbidity Monitoring Report

Turbidity Monitoring Weekly Report

35 20 23-Dredging

Certification Statement (Survey)

Declaration of Inspection (Stateside)

Sample Track and Draft Plot

Sample Scatter Plot Diagram

Sample Summary Table Spreadsheet

Report of Operations – Pipeline, Dipper or Bucket Dredges

Report of Operations – Pipeline, Dipper, Bucket or Hopper Dredges

Declaration of Inspection (Puerto Rico)

Declaration of Inspection (Virgin Islands)

35 20 25-Beach Fill

Beach Fill Tolerance (Typical Section)

Offshore Borrow Area Divers Inspection Report

Declaration of Inspection (Stateside)

Gradation Curve Form (ENG FORM 2087)

Sample Construction and Grade Stakes Recovery Plan

Gradation Range

Report of Operations – Pipeline, Dipper or Bucket Dredges

Report of Operations – Pipeline, Dipper, Bucket or Hopper Dredges

Declaration of Inspection (Puerto Rico)

Declaration of Inspection (Virgin Islands)

35 31 17-Stone, Channel, Shoreline/Coastal Protection For Structures

Stone Source Information

ENG Form 2087 Gradation Curves

ENG Form 4055 Riprap Gradation Curves

ENG Form 4056 Gradation Curves for Riprap, Filter, and Bedding