Jacksonville Harbor Channel Deepening

Jacksonville port aerial photoJacksonville Harbor, located along the St. Johns River, is an increasingly attractive port to call. Jacksonville stands out because of its location relative to the Panama Canal, as well as its access to extensive intermodal connections including rail, water, and highway facilities. In addition, more than 50 million consumers are within an eight-hour truck drive of Jacksonville Harbor marine terminals.

The Jacksonville District is increasing the depth of the existing federal channel along the St. Johns River from its current depth of 40-feet to a maximum depth of 50-feet. Deepening the existing channel will allow for larger vessels to access the channel; therefore reducing transportation costs, providing increased navigational safety, while avoiding or minimizing impacts to environmental resources.

We are also are completing a project on the St. Johns River at Jacksonville Harbor, Mile Point, an area that experienced difficult crosscurrents on ebb tide, creating navigational challenges for vessel traffic.

Chief's Report

The Chief's Report for the Jacksonville Harbor Channel Deepening Study (GRR II) was signed by LTG. Thomas Bostick, Chief of Engineers, on April 16, 2014. The signed Chief's Report and Final USACE Response to Independent External Peer Review are available for download here: Chief's Report & Final USACE Response to IEPR.

Project Milestones

Milestone Date

Pre-Construction Engineering
& Design Phase Kickoff

16 Jun 14
Geo-Tech Investigation Started 8 Aug 14