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RECOGNIZE - The object you found could be dangerous.
RETREAT - Leave the area without touching or moving the object.
REPORT - Call 911 immediately.

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Orlando Range and Chemical Yard

From 1943 to 1946 the U.S. government leased 2,111 acres of land to serve as the Orlando Range and Chemical Yard. The area is about three miles east of the current Orlando Executive (downtown) Airport. The military used the site for rifle and pistol practice, munitions demonstrations and as a chemical storage yard. The chemical yard was used to store smoke and incendiary munitions and other chemicals, such as decontamination agents (similar to chlorine used in pools or laundry bleach). Most of the land was used as a buffer to keep people away from military munitions and supplies. Demonstration exercises included incendiaries, grenades, rockets and simulated bomb detonations.

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