Hydrologic Modeling Section


The Hydrologic Modeling Section is responsible for providing hydrologic engineering services in support of the Planning, Engineering, Construction and Regulatory functions within the Jacksonville District. Principal areas of expertise include:

  • Hydrologic Investigations (general hydrology/water budget analysis)
  • Watershed modeling (rainfall/runoff response for water basin)
  • Unsteady one-dimensional and two-dimensional overland surface water modeling
  • Hydrodynamic two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Integrated surface water groundwater modeling
  • Water Quality modeling
  • Reservoir studies (single and multi-purpose)
  • Rainfall/flow/stage frequency and duration analysis
  • Navigation design and ship simulation analysis.

The expertise of the section is used to support the various water resource mission needs of the District including environmental restoration, flood protection, single and multi-point reservoir projects, navigation, recreation, regulatory and Support for Others. Our hydrologic investigations and hydrologic modeling efforts can be accomplished at the regional, sub-regional and local-scale and extend throughout the Jacksonville District that includes peninsular Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.