Health Reports

Overall Health

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Overall Ecohealth

Map Showing Overall Health. Lake Okeechobee, Northern Estuaries, and Greater Everglades are all listed as "fair" while Southern Coastal System is shown as "poor"

Graphic showing the different regions and their health. Lake Okeechobee, Overall Ecohealth is 45%, which lists it as "fair" in the chart. Greater Everglades, Northern Estuaries, and the sub locations to Northern Estuaries are all listed as fair. Southern Coastal Systems is listed as "poor," as are two of its sub regions in Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay. Only the Southwest Coast area of the Southern Coastal System is listed as "fair" on this report.

Region: Overall
An overall score of 45%, fair, for the Florida Everglades is concerning. This means that the ecosystems of the Everglades are struggling to support the plants and animals that live there and the natural services they provide to people. Without healthy ecosystems, the economy, tourism, and recreational activities of south Florida suffer. However, there are many restoration projects scheduled for the next ten years that will help improve these conditions.

legend for the grading system. 0-20% is very poor. 20-40% is Poor. 40-60% is Fiar. 60-80% is good. 80-100% is very good.


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