District Resource Standards

The A/E/C CAD Standard is a Department of Defense (DoD) implementation of industry and national standards. The Jacksonville District (SAJ) local extension supplements the A/E/C CAD Standard with district specific requirements.

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Plans and Preparation Manual 2013

PPM 2013

Plans Preparation Manual Appendices

PPM Appendix

Jacksonville District A/E/C CAD Standard local extension file

Local Extension File

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program (CERP) Design Manual

CERP Standard Design Manual

Design and Construction Deliverables

Design and construction deliverables prepared for the Jacksonville District shall conform with A/E/C Graphics Standards, ERDC/ITL TR-12-1; A/E/C CAD Standard, ERDC/ITL TR-12-6; Jacksonville District Plans Preparation Manual, contract documents, and the Jacksonville District A/E/C CAD Standard local extension. The A/E/C Graphics Standards, ERDC/ITL TR-12-1 and the A/E/C CAD Standard, ERDC/ITL TR-12-6 are available from the CAD-BIM Technology Center.

When contract documents require "Advanced Modeling" with Building Information Modeling and Civil Information Modeling for the development of design and construction deliverables. Refer to Engineering and Construction Bulletin, ECB 2016-3 for Building Information Modeling, Civil Information Modeling and Survey Information Modeling requirements for USACE projects.

Contract drawings, design models and surveys used to support design and construction deliverables prepared for the Jacksonville District shall be created within the A/E/C Work Structure application provided by the CAD-BIM Technology Center.
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Standard File For Surveying

NOTE: Survey Electronic Drawing File Naming Conventions. Naming conventions for electronic drawing files shall follow Chapter 2 of the AEC CADD Standard. The Project Code, used on surveys shall be the survey number that consists of seven characters.

Survey feature codes are now included in the InRoads xin file. Download the Civil.zip to access the TT_civil.xin preference file.