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RECOVER (REstoration COordination & VERification) is a multi-agency team of scientists, modelers, planners and resource specialists who organize and apply scientific and technical information in ways that are essential in supporting the objectives of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP).

The RECOVER team conducts scientific and technical evaluations and assessments for improving CERP’s ability to restore, preserve and protect the south Florida ecosystem while providing for the region's other water-related needs. RECOVER applies a system-wide perspective to the planning and implementation of the CERP and communicates and coordinates the results of these evaluations and assessments to managers, decision makers and the public.

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2019 Everglades System Status Report: Assessment Period 2012–2017

This System Status Report documents the measurement of ecological indicators and performance measures and their application to assess conditions in the Everglades’ ecosystems for the years 2012–017. This information provides feedback to decision-makers on the ecological response to past restoration activities and informs the timing of planning for CERP projects yet to be implemented. This report also informs adaptive management actions, and identifies uncertainties that need further study to assure restoration success.

This 2019 System Status Report also provides the scientific basis/foundation for the 2020 Report to Congress, required by the Water Resources Development Act of 2000. Produced every five years, the intent of the Report to Congress is to inform the highest levels of the U.S. government on the progress made toward restoration.

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2024 System Status Report

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