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Benedict Field

P-51 Mustang - Performing Maintenance
P-40F - Warhawk Fighters in Training - 1943
P-38 Lightning - Nose Guns

Between 1940 and 1943, the U.S. military acquired 2,633.42 acres in St. Croix. The site became known as Benedict Field and served as an auxiliary airfield for Borinquen Field in Puerto Rico. Benedict Field was home to fighter and heavy bomber squadrons for aerial defense and submarine tracking in the Caribbean. The U.S. Army constructed housing and facilities for approximately 1,000 men, runways, roads, and utilities. The Army also constructed a practice bombing range southwest of the airstrip. One target was the Army Air Force Demonstration Bombing Target, and the other was a dive bombing target.

The U.S. Virgin Island Port Authority now owns most of the land associated with the former Benedict Field which they use for the Henry Rohlsen International Airport.

The Corps has assessed the site a number of times over the years to evaluate if there is the potential of anything remaining from the Army's training. During the Site Inspection, completed in 2011, teams found a nose cone from a practice bomb, so a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study was recommended. The fieldwork will include searching for munitions and collecting environmental samples to test for metals and explosives. Once the fieldwork is complete, the team will analyze the data, draft a report and make recommendations.