Corry Station


Corry Field was established in 1923 as an aviation training complex to teach pilots and air crews advanced flighting techniques.  The Navy constructed runways, hangers, a power plant and various other buildings for administration, recreation, medical care and the like.  During World War II, it became a Naval Auxiliary Air Station.  Aviation training continued through the Korean Conflict and in the 1960s, the facility's mission changed from aviation training to communications training, and the name was changed to Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station. By the 1970s, the Navy no longer needed all of the Corry Station land, and it transferred ownership of about 375 acres to other entities, including the land that is now used for the Pensacola State College Warrington Campus.

A number of investigations have been conducted over the years to identify the location of former Naval landfill within the boundaries of the Pensacola State College Warrington Campus. The former landfill is in a wooded undeveloped area of the campus south of US 98, north of Jones Swamp, west of the former runway and currently the school's emergency vehicle training area, and east of a creek.

RECOGNIZE - The object you found could be dangerous.
RETREAT - Leave the area without touching or moving the object.
REPORT - Call 911 immediately.