St. Johns County

The authorized St. Johns Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Project will place sand along 3 miles of shoreline with key features that include a 60-foot wide beach extension, replacement of the 2015 dune, and a maximum taper of 1,000 feet at the northern and southern ends of the berm. Construction of the project will result in a resilient and efficient plan that significantly reduces damages, better enables emergency equipment to get into a coastal region for post-storm recovery efforts, ensures that evacuated residents can return home sooner, and avoids the high costs of cleanup and rebuilding structures.  These features of the authorized plan will lead to a more resilient community better able to recover faster from coastal storms.

Project Milestones

Milestone Date

Release of the Draft Feasibility Report

Feb 17, 2016
District Submittal of the Final Feasibility Report Nov 22, 2016
MSC Transmittal of the Final Feasibility Report Nov 30, 2016
Civil Works Review Board Mar 23, 2017
Signed Chief’s Report Aug 8, 2017
Erosion Control Line Established w/FDEP Dec 31, 2019
Real Estate Easements Complete Jan 3, 2020
Final FDEP Permit Jan 15, 2020
Advertise for Contract Jan 27, 2020