Tag: wet season
  • June

    Jacksonville Commander announces Lake Okeechobee Wet Season Strategy

    The start of the wet season is a key moment in any water year, and it is here for 2023. We have seen the weather shift into wet season patterns across south Florida and over Lake Okeechobee. When the system is in a transition, we work together to assess the current system conditions, look back at what’s happened, and evaluate trends moving forward. Let’s review the 2022-2023 dry season and outline our strategy for the 2023 wet season.
  • May

    Water managers prepare for wet season

    A different challenge facing water managers this year surrounds Lake Okeechobee and a higher water level this year, when compared to the previous two years. On April 23, the lake level was 13.59 feet, more than two feet higher than it was on the same date in 2011 and 2012. The lake has stayed within the Corps’ preferred range of 12.5 and 15.5 feet all winter. As a result, the district has been able to provide regular discharges of water to meet a wide variety of needs, including releases to the Caloosahatchee Estuary to keep the saltwater-freshwater mix in an acceptable range.