Archive: 2018
  • August

    Progress through working together

    The nation is at its best when we work together to tackle challenges that we face. We understand the frustration that many feel but do not lose sight of the fact that we are making tangible progress. With your continued valuable input, we will maintain the increasing momentum towards success. Working together, we can restore America’s Everglades and build an improved water management system that better meets the multiple water needs of Floridians in the 21st Century and beyond.
  • June

    Why we release water

    One of the primary reasons we release water is to reduce flood risk for people living and working around the lake, in which the potential for inflows far exceeds (six times greater) our capacity for outflow.
  • April

    Corps of Engineers: Protecting and preserving the environment on numerous fronts

    On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. The Army’s theme for Earth Day 2018 is “Sustain the Mission/Secure the Future.” This theme is emboldened by Jacksonville District's on-the-ground efforts to protect and preserve our environment on numerous fronts.
  • February

    Small Business in Action

    Small Business in Action Slideshow
  • January

    Additional progress on Everglades restoration expected in 2018

    Jacksonville District Commander Col. Jason Kirk provides an update on ecosystem restoration activities in south Florida.