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Administrative Penalty - These public notices provide information associated with Administrative Penalties. An Administrative Penalty can be assessed to address violations associated with issued Department of the Army permits.

SAJ-2018-03589-Emergency Permit

Published April 25, 2019
Expiration date: 4/30/2019


In accordance with 33 CFR Part 325.2(e)(4), emergency procedures have been initiated for authorization of work affecting areas within the regulatory boundaries of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Jacksonville District, South Atlantic Division, in response to conditions resulting from Hurricane Michael.

To:  See Distribution List           

From:  Terry Wells, Project Manager, Jacksonville District, Regulatory Division

Subject:  Department of the Army Emergency Notification Number SAJ-2018-03589

Project Name:  Garrison Cattle Company, LLC.

Waterbody:  Unnamed wetlands and wetlands contiguous with Joe Lamb Branch, Cypress Creek and the Gulf of Mexico.   

Applicant:   Garrison Cattle Company, LLC.

                      c/o Mr. Mark Garrison

                      4141 County Road 386 S.

                      Port St. Joe, Florida  32533           


LocationThe temporary disposal site is located at 4141 County Road 386 south, in Section 16, Township 6 south, Range 11 west, Port St. Joe, Gulf County, Florida.  Near, Latitude 29.995, Longitude -85.3837.

Purpose:  To utilize portions of the property for storage of Hurricane Michael debris in Bay and Gulf Counties, Florida.

Proposed WorkTo impact approximately 10.34 acres of jurisdictional wetlands for the purpose of storing Hurricane Michael debris. The wetlands will be restored to pre-impact elevations with monitoring per the restoration plan.

We request immediate review and email response no later than 9:00 A.M., C.S.T., Friday, April 30, 2019.  If no major objections are received, we plan to authorize this request by Emergency Permit. Should we receive no agency comment, this will be considered as agency concurrence/waiver or no objection to the proposed project

Pursuant to 33 CFR 325.2(e)(4), this Notice is being forwarded for agency review under the District Emergency Permit Procedures for the State of Florida within the Boundaries of the Jacksonville District, South Atlantic Division which were implemented October 10, 2018.  The Emergency Permit Procedure will evaluate activities under the following authorities:  Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of March 3, 1899 (33 USC 403), Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 USC 1344), and Section 103 of the Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972 (33 USC 1413).

In an emergency situation the district engineer will make every reasonable effort to receive comments from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service.  Section 402.5 (a) and (b), Emergencies, of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, states that where emergency circumstances mandate the need to consult in an expedited manner; consultation may be conducted informally through alternative procedures that the Director determines to be consistent with the requirement of sections 7(a)–(d) of the Act.  This provision applies to situations involving acts of God, disasters, casualties, national defense or security emergencies, etc.  Formal consultation would be initiated as soon as practicable after the emergency is under control. 

In an emergency situation the district engineer will make every reasonable effort to receive comments from the SHPO when the proposed undertaking can reasonably be expected to affect a potentially eligible or designated historic property and will comply with the provisions of 33 CFR 325 Appendix C to the extent that time and the emergency situation allows.

If you have any question, please contact Mr. Terry Wells via email at


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Emergency Permit Notification sent via e-mail to the following:

CESAJ-RD-NP:  Andrew A. Kizlauskas; Dale Beter      

CESAM-OP: Waylon Register     

USCG:  Lt. Jonathan Mangum

EPA:  Cynthia Van Der Wiele

USFWS:  Catherine Phillips


SHPO:  Timothy Parsons

THPO:  Paul Backhouse; Bradley Mueller; Victoria Menchaca