Jacksonville District responds to Hurricane Sandy

Published Nov. 9, 2012

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District is working with officials in three states to assess damage from Hurricane Sandy, which moved up the east coast in late October. 

As part of the Corps’ overall response effort, Jacksonville District engineers have been dispatched to New York and New Jersey, while a separate team is assisting in Florida with damage assessments from the monster storm.  Sandy caused impacts along the east coast of Florida before striking New Jersey and New York.

Jacksonville District Commander Col. Alan Dodd is among the 12 employees who have been given temporary assignments.  Dodd is in New Jersey helping coordinate the Corps’ response actions with other agencies.

“It’s inspiring to see so many people from the Corps, including several from our own Jacksonville District, as we work to provide support to efforts that restore power, remove debris, and assess critical infrastructure,” said Dodd.  “The Corps brings a tremendous technical capability to help communities get back on their feet after a disaster.”

Workers from Jacksonville District are conducting assessments of critical infrastructure such as fire stations and schools in New Jersey and New York.  If needed, additional people from Jacksonville District’s temporary housing team will be mobilized to assist with recovery efforts.

Teams are also working with federal, state, and local officials along the east coast of Florida, conducting damage assessments of beaches in several counties.  Intense waves from the storm resulted in beach erosion from Brevard to Broward counties along the Atlantic coast.  Those damage assessments are expected to be complete today (Fri.).

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John Campbell

Release no. 12-086