Round Island Park Oceanside to close May 15

Published May 8, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a Remedial Investigation at the former Fort Pierce Naval Amphibious Training Base. As a result, Round Island Park Oceanside to include the beach access, will be closed on Wednesday, May 15. Crews will be digging in the area and a safety zone will be established. People are requested to stay out of the safety zone while crews are working. 

The Fort Pierce Naval Amphibious Training Base was a 19,280-acre site that extended approximately 25 miles from Vero Beach to near Jensen Beach and included North and South Hutchinson Islands. The military acquired the site during World War II for the Navy to create a training facility.

 The Corps has conducted a number of investigations of the area to determine if any military-related materials remain at the site. The purpose of the current investigation is to determine if anything remains in the area from the military’s training, and if so, in what amounts and locations. 

Because of how the military used the site, there could potentially be buried munitions. These items could be dangerous and not easily recognizable. Never touch, move or disturb something you think may be a munition. Remember the 3Rs. Recognize – The item you found could be dangerous. Retreat – Do not touch it in any way, and leave the area. Report – Call 911 immediately.



Release no. 19-025