St. Augustine Back Bay, FL

May 2024


St. Augustine Back Bay, FL
Investigations (I)
Congressional Districts: 5, 6


The authorized study includes identification and evaluation of alternatives and preparation of a decision document that recommends a coordinated and implementable solution to minimize future storm damages which includes life threatening flooding in the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida. The city has experienced billions in damages due to recent major hurricane events and the impacts of climate change.


Estimated Total Cost $7,300,000
Estimated Federal Cost      $3,800,000

a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation thru FY23           $1,200,000
Allocation for FY24 $300,000
President's Budget FY25 $580,000


City of St. Augustine Florida
75 King Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32085


The Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement (FCSA) was officially signed on 9 Jan 23, which initiated the feasibility study. Recently, the Project Delivery Team (PDT) completed all future without project model runs which identified over 4 billion in damages without a project over a 50-year planning horizon. The updated study schedule (upon approval of the VTAM in Feb 24) includes completing the Tentatively Selected Plan (TSP) in Feb 27, Agency Decision Milestone (ADM) in Nov 27, Final Report Review in May 28 and the Chief of Engineers Report in Sep 28.

Map of St Augustine Back Bay; click for full-sized map.