Fort Myers Beach FL (O&M)

May 2023


Fort Myers Beach, FL
Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
Congressional Districts: 17, 19


A channel 12 feet deep and 150 feet wide in San Carlos Bay until the end east side of Bowditch Point, thence 12 feet deep and 125 feet wide from that depth and location in San Carlos Bay into Estero Pass at the intersection of San Carlos Blvd Bridge, thence 11 feet deep and 125 feet wide in Matanzas Pass to the upper shrimp terminals terminating at a turning basin located approximately 1000 feet away. Length of project is about 2.5 miles.


Allocation for FY23 $0
President’s Budget FY24 $0



Lee County Natural Resources Division
1500 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor
Fort Myers, FL 33901


Fort Myers Beach O&M (Matanzas Pass) was dredged between August and October 2020. Prolonged shoaling from Bowditch Point continues to encroach across the federal channel causing the navigable waterway to be pushed more northerly. The federal channel was re-established along the north side of Bowditch Point after 151,252 cubic yards of material was removed from the channel and placed in the nearshore disposal area located south of the inlet. Only a few months following the dredging event, shoaling was reported by the US Coast Guard to be occurring off Bowditch Point.  Currently, Bowditch Point has shoaled across the federal channel. Following the receipt of FY22 BIL appropriations, plans and specifications were prepared for an early FY23 award for maintenance dredging. However, Hurricane Ian impacted the area in late September 2022, and the Corps had to amend the plans and specifications based on post-storm conditions for the area. The FY23 maintenance dredging event is scheduled to be awarded in June 2023. The Corps continues to evaluate realignment of the channel away from Bowditch Point to alleviate the chronic shoaling issues.  

Fort Myers Beach Operations and Maintenance Map