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Posted 11/4/2014

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By Susan J. Jackson
Jacksonville District

Coastal engineer Jason Engle has a relaxing moment with Big Monster Entertainment film crew members prior to an hour-long interview on the Flagler Beach pier.  Big Monster interviewed Engle for a "Rising Tides" documentary that explores the topic of coastal erosion on a global scale.  The production crew is traveling worldwide, interviewing scientists, engineers, city planning experts, nonprofits, homeowners, government officials, and others to explore all angles and possible solutions.   “Ultimately, our goal is to offer an interesting and educational perspective on this issue and let viewers decide what should or should not be done to combat it in the future,” Producer Ryan Rossell said.  Engle provided a look into historical data and potential impacts of rising sea levels and storm events on Florida, and how Jacksonville District incorporates its findings into coastal processes to reduce risks.  The severe erosion of Flagler Beach (behind Engle) threatens the community’s evacuation route and other infrastructure.  In August, Jacksonville District presented the Flagler County Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project to the Civil Works Review Board, which unanimously approved it.  Leadership anticipates a Chief’s Report this month.

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