North Fork St. Lucie River, FL (1135)

May 2023

North Fork St. Lucie River, FL (1135) 
Construction (C)

Congressional District: 8, 18, 21


This project will help to restore a portion of the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. The project will help in improving living shorelines, reconnecting oxbows, and historic river flow ways, enhancing the floodplain wetlands, and increased nursery habitat for fish and other species. The project will benefit the recovery of both the St. Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon Estuaries. The County's work to date on this initiative is modeled from similar restoration projects underway by the Corps on the Kissimmee River. Activities such as dredging, channelization, and spoil deposition by the Corps of Engineers in the early 1900s, specifically Ten Mile Creek, have created long-standing impacts to the river’s function, floodplain, transitional habitat, receiving waters, and plant and wildlife species. Approximately 324 acres of floodplain are affected, and more than 30 environmental restoration sites are currently identified.

This project is authorized by Section 11135, Water Resources Development Act of 1986, as amended.


Estimated Total Cost $50,000
Estimated Federal Cost $50,000
Allocation thru FY22 $0
Allocation for FY23 $50,000
President's Budget FY24       $0



St. Lucie County Erosion District
2300 Virginia Avenue
Ft. Pierce, FL 34982


In FY 2023, the Jacksonville District received the initial $50K to prepare the Federal Interest Determination (FID) for review and approval. 


North Fork St. Lucie River, FL (1135) Project map