Naples to Big Marco Pass FL (O&M)

May 2023


Naples to Big Marco Pass, FL
Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
Congressional Districts: 19, 26


The project includes the southerly 10.15 miles of the waterway from Naples to Big Marco Pass and 4.5 miles of waterway from Naples to Gordon Pass. It consists of an interior channel 6 x 70 feet from southerly limits of the town of Naples to Big Marco Pass; a channel 12 x 150 feet from that depth in the Gulf to Gordon Pass, thence 10 x 100 feet through Gordon Pass and Naples Bay to a point 400 feet south of the U.S. 41 highway bridge, thence 10 x 70 feet to the bridge; it includes a turning basin 8 x 150 x 200 feet in upper Naples Bay and a turning basin 8 x 250 x 670 feet at the municipal yacht basin.


a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation for FY23 $0
President's Budget for FY24 $3,659,000


b.  P.L. 115-123: Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, Supplemental:

Current Working Estimate $400,000
Allocation thru FY22 $400,000
Allocation for FY23 $0


c.  P.L. 116-20: Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Act, 2019:

Allocation thru FY22 $2,532,000


d.  P.L. 117-43: Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act:

Allocation for FY23 $10,000,000



City of Naples 
Jay Boodheshwar, City Manager 
735 8th St S 

Naples, Florida 34102  


The Jacksonville District continues to perform project condition surveys of the federal channel. With Class 3 O&M Supplemental (P.L. 115-123) funding, the team performed new surveys for updated volumes and completed the plans and specifications for advertisement in March 2020, and contract award on April 21, 2020, for Naples to Gordon Pass. Approximately 87,000 cubic yards of material were removed from Cut 1 and the Settling Basin and placed on Keewaydin Island located south of the inlet. Construction activities were completed in August 2020. The next maintenance event is expected for FY25, with plans and specifications in FY24.


Naples to Big Marco Pass Operations and Maintenance project map