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Posted 4/20/2016

Release no. 16-028

Susan Jackson

Mile Point: New flow-way open to boaters


Jacksonville, Fla. – A new flow-way is now open in Chicopit Bay on the St. Johns River, and boaters there are helping the Mile Point construction crew by remaining alert in the busy construction area.


Restoring the historical flow-way in Chicopit Bay and its connection to the Intracoastal Waterway system is necessary for the Mile Point project, which will improve vessel navigation on the St. Johns River.  Mile Point is where Pablo Creek / Intracoastal Waterway meets the St. Johns River, resulting in difficult cross-currents at ebb tide.  This restricts port navigation, causing delays and shipping inefficiencies. 


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ contractor for the project, Manson Construction Company, completed the new flow improvement channel and is now closing-off the waterway that’s been used since the breakthrough of Great Marsh Island. 


Manson crews are using geo-synthetic tubes to build an island perimeter foundation to restore the Great Marsh Island. They’ll place roughly 30,000 tons of stone to construct the western training wall, and then fill the interior with dredged material. 


The project will restore 18.84 acres of salt marsh at Great Marsh Island to offset the loss of 8.15 acres of salt marsh at Helen Cooper Floyd Park.  Beyond the mitigation requirement, the Corps is using dredged material from the project to restore up to 53 acres of salt marsh at the island.  This effort includes restoration of high and low salt marsh as well as low dune and oyster habitat, which is an excellent fish environment.  The new training wall should also substantially reduce active erosion at Great Marsh Island.


Controlled burning is occurring periodically at Helen Cooper Floyd Park throughout April, and the U.S. Coast Guard is working to remove and reinstall three aids-to-navigation structures.  In upcoming months, crews will also relocate roughly 3,100 feet of stone from the existing training wall and build a new wall on the southeast side along the Intracoastal Waterway.  Additional work includes marine animal monitoring, bird monitoring and turbidity monitoring. 


For a navigation emergency, please contact the U.S. Coast Guard at 904-564-7513. All navigation notices are posted on the Coast Guard Region 7 webpage at http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=lnmDistrict&region=7.  Mariners can also register for emailed local navigation notices on this website.


The Corps asks the public to respect the construction zone restrictions and to remain vigilant in the waterways.  Safety, as always, is the number one priority on this project. 


The Corps estimates construction will continue through November 2016.  For more project information, please contact the Corps’ Jacksonville District at 904-232-1630 or go to www.saj.usace.army.mil


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