Public Notice Notifications

The Jacksonville District currently has five categories of public notice notification mailing lists. If you wish to receive email notifications when new public notices are added to this page, please send a request to Regulatory Webmaster.  Each category is described below. Be sure to specify which list(s) you want to be included on.

Florida - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the State of Florida.

Antilles - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the Antilles area (this includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

Tropical Storms & Other Emergencies - These public notices provide information on procedures for emergency permitting requirements due to specific tropical storm events or other emergency situations.

Special Issues - These are public notices that involve the Regulatory program but which are generally not limited to one particular geographic area. These would include public notices for the establishment or modification of Restricted Areas/Danger Zones, re-issuance of General Permits or Nationwide Permits, changes to guidance and policies, etc.

Administrative Penalty - These public notices provide information associated with Administrative Penalties. An Administrative Penalty can be assessed to address violations associated with issued Department of the Army permits.

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  • SAJ-2021-00906-Lee-20230421-MLG

    Expiration date: 4/21/2023

    Lee County. Division of Natural Resources. Big Carlos Pass PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Marine habitat enhancement. Overall: Construct a new artificial reef site in order to enhance the marine habitat in the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, west of Big Carlos Pass, Fort Myers Beach, Lee County, Florida.

  • SAJ-2011-00677(SP-PTR)

    Expiration date: 3/26/2023

    SAJ-2011-00677(SP-PTR) - 3/6/2023: Sarasota County: Bay Park Conservatory. Centennial Bay. Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Public access to Sarasota Bay. Overall: The proposed project involves demolition of existing wooden dock, repair and replacement of the southern seawall and concrete cap; filling of privately owned tidal waters within the man-made basin to eliminate the Lot 10 boat basin and straighten the southern shoreline; maintenance dredging to provide adequate water depths for floating docks and navigation; construction of two floating concrete marginal docks, one along the northeast side of the man-made basin and the other along the southern side of the man-made basin; and installation of a cantilevered platform over the existing culvert at the southeast corner of the man-made basin.

  • SAJ-2022-01060 (SP-BJC)

    Expiration date: 7/3/2022

    Osceola County, Tavistock East Services, LLC, Orlando, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Mixed-use Development. Overall: The overall project purpose is construction of a mixed-use development within the Northeast District as identified in the Osceola County Comprehensive Plan.

  • SAJ-2020-01773 (SP-JMB)

    Expiration date: 1/6/2022

    Osceola County. Edgewater Property Holdings, LLC, Edgewater Property Holdings, LLC. Edgewater Property Holdings, LLC. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: The basic project purpose is mixed-use development with access to navigable waters. Overall: The overall project purpose of is to develop a multi-phase, mixed-use development with open space, and recreational access to Lake Tohopekaliga that complies with the Osceola County East of Lake Toho Comprehensive Plan.

  • SAJ-2019-02844 (SP-JCP)

    Expiration date: 3/12/2020

    Brevard County. Matthew Development LLC, Viera, FL. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Multimodal Development (single family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial). Overall: Construct a multimodal development with direct access to I-95 in central Brevard County, Florida.