Public Notice Notifications

The Jacksonville District currently has five categories of public notice notification mailing lists. If you wish to receive email notifications when new public notices are added to this page, please send a request to Regulatory Webmaster.  Each category is described below. Be sure to specify which list(s) you want to be included on.

Florida - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the State of Florida.

Antilles - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the Antilles area (this includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

Tropical Storms & Other Emergencies - These public notices provide information on procedures for emergency permitting requirements due to specific tropical storm events or other emergency situations.

Special Issues - These are public notices that involve the Regulatory program but which are generally not limited to one particular geographic area. These would include public notices for the establishment or modification of Restricted Areas/Danger Zones, re-issuance of General Permits or Nationwide Permits, changes to guidance and policies, etc.

Administrative Penalty - These public notices provide information associated with Administrative Penalties. An Administrative Penalty can be assessed to address violations associated with issued Department of the Army permits.

Tag: U. S. Army Corps of Engineeers (USACE)
  • SAJ-2022-00642 (SP-MAM)

    Expiration date: 1/17/2024

    Manatee County. Scott May (Manatee Co. PWD). Bradenton, Florida 34208 PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Municipal roadway and stormwater improvements. Overall: The overall project purpose is to provide safety and storm water enhancements to a portion of 9th NW Avenue in northwest Manatee County.

  • SAJ-2023-01406 (SP-RLT)

    Expiration date: 12/30/2023

    Franklin County. Jerry Wells, Decatur, Georgia. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Residential Development. Overall: The overall project purpose is to develop a single-family residential property and appurtenant structures on St. George Island, adjacent to St. George Sound, in south central Franklin County, Florida.

  • SAJ-1994-00981(SP-TDS)

    Expiration date: 12/28/2023

    Duval County. BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair LLC, Jacksonville, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: The purpose of the proposed project is to perform maintenance dredging and open ocean disposal of the dredged material at the Jacksonville Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Sites (ODMDS) or at the Bartram or Buck Island. The proposed dredging between the 1k and 4k marine railways to prevent the rails from being covered by sediments. The adjacent areas are currently shallower than the 1k and 4k ton marine railways used to move ships on and off land for service due to sedimentation. The fine sediments continuously wash down over the rails, causing the need for constant maintenance dredging to keep the rails clear. These adjacent shallow zones between the two marine railways will be dredged to depths slightly below the rails to prevent the rails from being covered.

  • SAJ-2005-03578 (SP-MDZ)

    Expiration date: 12/19/2023

    Santa Rosa County. Tanya Linzy, Milton, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: To stabilize the shoreline and enhance the aquatic environment. Overall: To construct a living shoreline to stabilize the shoreline and enhance the aquatic environment at the Floridatown Park in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

  • SAJ-1999-00814 (SP-BMC)

    Expiration date: 1/1/2024

    Citrus County. Walt Eastmond. Lecanto, Florida PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: The basic project purpose is to enhance marine fishery resources. Overall: The overall project purpose is to expand an existing artificial reef site to further enhance fisheries resources in order to provide additional marine life habitat and recreational fishing locations off the coast of Citrus County.