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Posted 2/24/2015

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By Amanda Parker

A $40-million mega project is underway at Bechara in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which addresses flood risk reduction.  The project involves replacing a 7-foot diameter sewer siphon in the Port of San Juan, which provides drainage for major portions of the city.  Construction of the new pipe presented significant challenges as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ contractor works to replace a large section of an old and active sewer main in the middle of a municipal port without interrupting service.  Although faced with significant technical and operational risks, the team has succeeded in nearly completing this massive project. In the photo, the old siphon was demolished and the construction crew is using a crane to install the replacement siphon. Once in place, the crew will weld the new pipe together and cover it up. Once completed, the project will help provide flood risk reduction for years to come.

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