USACE extends public comment period for Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP) A-2 Stormwater Treatment Area (A-2 STA) Interim Operations Plan

Jacksonville District
Published Jan. 23, 2024
Preliminary A-2 STA Interim Operations Plan Study Area

Preliminary A-2 STA Interim Operations Plan Study Area

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended the public comment period for its proposed development of an Interim Operations Plan for the Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP) A-2 Stormwater Treatment Area (A-2 STA) from Jan. 31 until Feb. 14, 2024.

The purpose of CEPP is to improve the quantity, quality, timing, and distribution of water flows to the northern estuaries, Water Conservation Area (WCA) 3, Everglades National Park (ENP), and Florida Bay. CEPP will also contribute to increasing water supply for municipal, industrial, and agricultural users.

The purpose of the proposed CEPP A-2 STA Interim Operations Plan, which would update the CEPP Project Operating Manual (POM), is to provide operating criteria for A-2 STA infrastructure after the A-2 STA satisfies the requirements of its Operational Testing and Monitoring Period, and prior to completion of the EAA A-2 Reservoir. The proposed A-2 STA Interim Operations Plan would integrate operation of the A-2 STA infrastructure into existing Central and Southern Florida (C&SF) Project infrastructure in accordance with the conditions identified in the May 15, 2020 Record of Decision (ROD) for the C&SF, EAA Reservoir and A-2 STA. The ROD conditions include that the CEPP (EAA Phase) features cannot be used for State restoration purposes. Interim operations of the US Army Corps of Engineers A-2 STA will be proposed to achieve incremental project benefits consistent with the CERP Programmatic Regulations.

The Department of Army (DA) Permit (SAJ-2018-03427) issued to the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) authorized construction of, and limited operations (to facilitate vegetation grow-in) of the A-2 STA. The DA Permit requires written authorization from the USACE prior to operating the STA beyond the limited grow-in operations currently authorized as described in the DA permit.

For additional information on the proposed action please go to the following website:

Comments may be submitted by email to They may also be sent by post to the address below; however, email is highly preferred.

Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

Planning and Policy Division, Environmental Branch

Attn: Richard Skinker


701 San Marco Boulevard

Jacksonville, Florida 32207-8175

Public comments must be received by Feb. 14, 2024, for consideration.

Jeff Prater

Release no. 24-004