Public Notice Notifications

The Jacksonville District currently has five categories of public notice notification mailing lists. If you wish to receive email notifications when new public notices are added to this page, please send a request to Regulatory Webmaster.  Each category is described below. Be sure to specify which list(s) you want to be included on.

Florida - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the State of Florida.

Antilles - This includes all public notices for projects being reviewed for Standard Permits within the Antilles area (this includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

Tropical Storms & Other Emergencies - These public notices provide information on procedures for emergency permitting requirements due to specific tropical storm events or other emergency situations.

Special Issues - These are public notices that involve the Regulatory program but which are generally not limited to one particular geographic area. These would include public notices for the establishment or modification of Restricted Areas/Danger Zones, re-issuance of General Permits or Nationwide Permits, changes to guidance and policies, etc.

Administrative Penalty - These public notices provide information associated with Administrative Penalties. An Administrative Penalty can be assessed to address violations associated with issued Department of the Army permits.

Tag: U .S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • SAJ-2019-03122-(SP-GGM)

    Expiration date: 1/27/2023

    Monroe County. Coral Restoration Foundation, Tavernier, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: The basic project purpose is to install temporary structures for coral propagation for marine restoration, research, and habitat enhancement. Overall: The overall project purpose is to install temporary structures in open water for coral propagation for the purpose of marine restoration, research, and habitat enhancement in waters of the Florida Keys, Monroe

  • SAJ-2022-03314 (SP-JMB)

    Expiration date: 12/13/2022

    Osceola County. EW Property Holding, LLC, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Basic: The basic project purpose is mixed-use development (with navigable water access). Overall: The overall project purpose is to develop a multi-phase, mixed-use development with single and multi-family housing, open space, a school, and navigation access to Lake Tohopekaliga that complies with the East of Lake Toho Element of the Osceola County 2040 Comprehensive Plan, in Osceola County, Florida. EXISTING CONDITIONS: The subject site currently supports nine land use types/vegetative communities within its boundaries. These areas were identified utilizing the Florida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System, Level III (FLUCCS, FDOT, January 1999). The upland areas are classified as Improved Pasture (211), Citrus (221), Pine Flatwoods (411), Xeric Oak (421) and Live Oak (427). Wetland/surface water areas include approximately 7.24-acres of ditches (21,036 lineal feet), 3.55-acres of ponds and 284.04-acres of wetlands which are classified as Reservoirs (534), Wetland Mixed Forest (630), Freshwater Marsh (641), and Wet Prairie (643). The following provides a brief description of these land use types/vegetative communities identified on the site.

  • SAJ-2016-00169 (SP-EWG)

    Expiration date: 12/15/2022

    Citrus County. Save Crystal River, Inc. Crystal River, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: The basic project purpose is maintenance dredging and aquatic vegetation restoration. Overall: The overall project purpose is to maintenance dredge muck consisting of lyngbya spp. algae and detrital material from the northern and eastern extent of Kings Bay in order to expose a mineral substrate that is suitable for planting native aquatic vegetation.

  • SAJ-2006-04471(MOD-TLW)

    Expiration date: 12/9/2022

    Gulf County. Gulf County Board of County Commissioners, Port St. Joe, Florida. PROJECT PURPOSE: Basic: Shoreline protection. Overall: To address chronic erosion at the south end of St. Joseph Peninsula and to reduce the frequency of beach nourishment activities in the area between Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) beach markers R-100 to R-105.5.

  • SAJ-2006-06017(RGP-JLC)

    Expiration date: 11/2/2022

    PROPOSED REISSUANCE OF REGIONAL GENERAL PERMIT SAJ-20 - DOCKS AND ASSOCIATED MINOR STRUCTURES IN FLORIDA. To simplify and speed processing of Department of the Army permits for minor, substantially similar in-water activities, the Jacksonville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) proposes to combine Regional General Permits (RGPs) SAJ-20 (Private Residential Docks/Pier Facilities and Minor Structures in Florida), SAJ-33 (Private Multi-Family Piers, Government Piers, or Commercial Piers in Florida) and SAJ-72 (Residential Docks in Citrus County, Florida) into the reissuance of RGP SAJ-20. The combined reissuance of SAJ-20 would authorize docks/piers and associated minor structures in Florida. The current RGP is set to expire on March 27, 2023. The proposed reissuance removes certain geographic exclusion areas and adds the activities of multi-family, government and commercial dock facilities. The proposed reissuance also updates and reorganizes the terms and conditions. The draft SAJ-20 is included at the end of this public notice.