The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a major Army command with a broad set of missions and capabilities. One of its missions is to provide assistance, within its authorities, when natural disasters or other emergencies occur.

Emergency preparedness and response is primarily a state and local responsibility. However, in instances when the nature of the disaster exceeds the capabilities of state and local interests, the Corps of Engineers may provide help to save human life, prevent immediate human suffering or mitigate property damage.

The Corps gives emergency assistance top priority and provides immediate response using every resource and expedited procedure available. Assistance is limited to the preservation of life and protection of residential and commercial developments, to include public and private facilities that provide public services.

Our Mission is to implement the policies, guidance and procedures for responding to a natural disaster or national emergency under the authority of the District Engineer and Higher Headquarters. Our areas of responsibility are Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Most common support granted under Public Law (PL) 84-99, Flood fighting, Field Assessments and Rehabilitation of Flood Control Works and Shore Protection are part of what we do. However, the Corps can be tasked by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide emergency assistance to do various missions under the National Response Framework (NRF).

Area of Responsibility

The Jacksonville District's Area of Responsibility for Civil Works consists of part of the peninsular portion of the State of Florida, a small part of the State of Georgia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the Territory of the U. S. Virgin Islands. These geographical areas are vulnerable to flooding, wind and other damage associated with tropical storms and hurricanes.

An agreement between Jacksonville District, Savannah District, and Mobile District for counties adjacent to their respective District boundaries authorizes each district to respond to emergencies in counties in their respective states. Jacksonville District is responsible for disaster relief and emergency assistance (Stafford Act) in all Florida counties within the Jacksonville, Savannah, and Mobile jurisdiction, while Savannah District is responsible for Georgia counties.

Prime Contractors

PRIME contractors for debris and roofing in Florida are:

Ashbritt Environmental
Deerfield Beach, FL 3344

Artesian Contracting Co.
Albany GA
Coleman Construction
Los Angeles, CA 90062

PRIME contractor for debris in Georgia:

Sarasota, FL 34240

Contact Information

904- 232-3626

U.S. Army Disaster Personnel Accountability
and Assessment System

ADPAAS is a tool used to report your status, current location, update emergency contact information and request assistance.
It may be accessed from home with personal information.
NOTE:  This reporting system does not override the district's standard call-down tree; it is required in addition to the call-down tree.

Emergency Operations Links

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